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Powah is slowly contributing to numerous UN Sustainable Goals. We distribute solar products, develop solar for productive use projects, and install energy solutions for off-grid homes, offices, farms and institutions. Find the products that fits your energy needs.

What we do..

Powah Hub

The Powah Hub is a solar run center with access to computers, internet, phone charging and fast moving solar products. 

Solar Installation

Whatever your energy needs may be Powah can help develop your very own solutions.

Powah Products

Schedule an appointment with us by calling +256 777 260 246 or email: info@powahonline.com


Nakivale Refugee Settlement

The first Powah Hub will be deployed in Nakivale Refugee Settlement home to 100,000 refugees. Refugees will have the opportunity to utilize solar products, clean cook stoves, computers, and internet access. This will enable people to receive energy and connectivity access, bettering their health, security, environment education and  overall livelihood. If you would like to join our mission contact us info@powahonline.com.

Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement

Bidi Bidi is now the largest refugee camp in the world with over 250,000 refugees. Powah provided school children in the camp with 300 solar lights. This has enabled 300 school children to read after hours having better quality education, moving from harmful alternatives such as fires and kerosene.


Our Impact

Energy Distributed
Energy access (kwh)
Job Creation

Powah is an energy and technology company focused on providing energy solutions for development. Based in Kampala, Uganda Powah believes that access to clean energy is the key to socioeconomic transformation. 

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